Friday, January 02, 2004

Hemmed KS2946, still need to do snaps. Started New Look 6898. It's out of print already. That's too bad. I think this is a really excellent pattern for light jackets out of sweaterknits. NL 6898 line drawing. I made this pattern before in a size 22 without a full bust alteration. It was too big in the shoulders. This time, I traced a size 18, based on my high bust measurement, and made a full bust alteration according to the directions in Fit For Real People. I didn't lower the dart before the first alteration attempt, and I ended up with a side seam bust dart pointing down. I lowered the original dart 2 inches, then read in FFRP to be careful not to lower the dart too much because it will drop in clothing. Oh, well, we'll see what happens. This time the dart came out slanting slightly upwards. I was able to cut the fronts.


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