Friday, January 09, 2004

Day Off NL 6898: Sewed in sleeves - flat. Tested edge finishes on serger; nothing worked. Tried turning and stitching, but it wasn't neat enough. Lycra binding is the next option. Went to the local Joann's. Did they have black lycra seam binding? NO!!! I decided to try lace seam tape. It's almost invisible, and it has produced a much nicer finish than the lycra binding. While I was there I bought 2.875 yards of embroidered denim $9.33 5 yards of navy cotton lycra twill $9.89 12 yards of 3/4" no roll elastic $11.56 1/2 yard of black bear "fur" $1.71 3 Vogue patterns $14.80 3 packages of flexilace seam tape $4.51 3 yards of navy cotton thermal knit $ 9.74 NL6898: hemmed sleeves, sewed sides, sewed tape to bottom, front and neck. NL6143D: I'm a size L; traced front and back pattern pieces. KS2946: finished snaps.


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