Monday, October 25, 2004

Can't finish a project

Instead of finishing Kwik Sew 2565, I put it on Buttina, unhemmed, and there it stayed. The monkey hat is still not attached to the monkey head.

So what did I do?

I'd read about preserving fall leaves at Step into My Thimble. They look pretty cool, and I could do the leaf gathering with Goosey and Boobla. So, we took a walk to gather leaves. Goosey was really into it even tho she had no idea what we were going to do with the leaves. Boobla liked it for a while, enjoyed most of the walk, but he got tired. It was close to nap time. I think I timed it pretty well because I only had to carry him a short block.

While Boobla napped, I tested the waxing process. Goosey discovered that you can buy books at thrift shops. I had to restrain her, or she would have bought all the picture books. She came home with 4, so she was busy reading them to her imaginary class. She likes to play daycare.

It turned out that melting the wax and dipping the leaves was very, very easy and not messy at all. After the first batch, I called Goosey in to help. She got to pick out the leaves to dip and, after everything had cooled, transfer the leaves from the cookie sheet to a basket. I'm not sure what we'll do with them.

We carved one of the pumpkins. It came out pretty cool. I want to take a picture of it at night with candle, but I forgot to last night. Maybe tonight.

And I started on Kwik Sew 3222. Dart sewing is so much easier now that I've sewn 20 or so darts. I barely even need to think about it. Too bad the alteration process isn't that easy. Well, that is, it is easy, but it is tedious.


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