Wednesday, October 27, 2004

New T-shirt Pattern

I was thinking: ho hum, another crew neck t-shirt with bust darts. Sure, it fits, and it looks great, but YAWN. I'd like a more scooped neck t-shirt, so I decided to try the one for Burda WOF 4-2003 or was it 4-2002? Anyway, I got out the pattern sheet, and started wondering why would I want to go to all the trouble to trace and alter this pattern when I have a very well fitting t-shirt already. So I traced the necklines, front and back, and transfered those, via tracing, to KS 2565 with french darts.  I smoothed out the lines using a french curve, but that's only because I feel a need to justify the purchase of said french curve. I could have done it freehand. It was very easy.  

I also noticed that the shoulders on the Kwik Sew pattern size L are almost exactly the same width as a Burda size 44, but the Kwik Sew pattern is for very square shoulders (moi), and the Burda allows for some slope in the shoulders.

While I was at it, I decided to add more room for the gluteous maximus. I don't like to just add at the side. I need it center back, more than at the sides, so I added a center back seam and the below the waist flare from New Look 6977.


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