Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Bitching Part

I've decided to put my eating disorder (ED) journal here. It's just too hard for me to do 2 different blogs. I had wanted to keep the ED stuff separate because it can be kinda heavy, and this was supposed to be a sewing blog. However, this is my blog to do with as I will. So ...

Things are going well. I got into the eating disorder group at Kaiser and went to my first meeting. It was really good to sit in a circle with other women who knew exactly what I was talking about. OA is good, but most of the people in my group aren't as sick as I am. I'm not going to stop going to OA. Also, the ED group is lead by a psychologist who is an ED specialist. I think I can learn a lot more about my disease and how to get well with them than I could alone or with a general psychologist.


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