Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A little baking, not much sewing

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So I haven't been sewing, but I did make cookies. This is the first time that I've baked cookies with both kids. I did it once before with Chungita, but she wasn't into it. Can you imagine?

Pulgito was exited immediately when I brought up the idea. He kept saying COOKIE over and over again. Of course we used the premade sugar cookie dough. I wanted to roll it so that the kids could use the heart cookie cutters, and the only flour I have is 100% whole wheat flour. It worked fine. I even got to use Robert's high tech rolling pin. I was going to use my mother's old apple wood one, but Robert suggested that I use the high tech one. I don't think it makes a difference.

The kids managed to cut the cookies out without slicing off any one's finger, and we decorated them with red, pink, and purple candies. Pulgito seems to like the idea of a lot of sugar on top of his sugar cookies.


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