Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Good OA Meeting

Angel Face is a lovely rose. It does very well in Sunset zone 14. Quite a few of my roses suffer from the dessicating furnace blast that we call sunshine. They wilt, they get sun burn, or they look tired, but not Angel Face. Angel Face has no problems with pests or disease.

We had a new member show up at OA last night. It was a good meeting, 6 people, which is really nice. The past year has been hard for this meeting. We've limped along with 3 core members who won't give up on the meeting. We read a passage from Abstinance, an OA book. It reminded me that I really need to keep in touch with my higher power. If I had done a higher power check-in before watching NUMB3RS and binging, I probably would have given myself permission to watch TV and do nothing else. (SHUT UP, MOM!)

Check out this life size lego sculpture of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from Make.


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