Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday is ED Day

This is Abraham Darby, an English rose by David Austin. It's my favorite rose. It blooms prolifically almost all year round (zone Sunset 14), the flowers are beautiful, and the scent is luscious. It's habit isn't great, being rather gangly or brambly.

I went to group. I had a binge last night, and I got up this morning to exercise (purge?). I wanted to watch the end of NUMB3RS at a time when I should be doing something productive. I could hear my mother saying that TV is such a waste of time. So I ate an apple. The show was still on. I ate another apple. The show was still on, so I picked up a bag of cheese crackers that one of the kids had left on the counter and ate that. BINGE! The stupid thing is that I know it's okay to watch TV (SHUT UP, MOM!) and just sit for 20 minutes if I want. It's not like I was late to anything or had anything pressing to do. Group gave me permission to watch TV. I like group. We found out today that group goes on forever, the rest of lives if we need it. There is no limit.


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