Friday, January 30, 2004

KS 2788: Gads! Sewing when I'm tired is hazardous. Fortunately, I was very cautious while taking in the skirt. I had measured my hips, sitting 51", and was using that dimension to determine the total ease (standing) in the skirt. I basted the skirt making the maximum dimension 52". I tried on the skirt again. It's way too big in the high hip and waist. I'm having trouble pin fitting because I have all this excess fabric in the seams, like 6 inches at the waist. Since it's too big everywhere, I decide to serge off the excess seam allowance. Well, instead of running the skirt thru the serger with the needle in the basted seam line, I cut off the seam allowance at the basted seam line. PRIMAL SCREAM!!! Since everyone else in the house was asleep, it was a quiet primal scream. Fortunately, I had an extra inch in the seam allowance, and I know the skirt won't be too small standing up, but I really wanted to avoid horizontal wrinkles from sitting.


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