Tuesday, April 13, 2004

McCall's 3085 OOP
I had to cut the front crotch down by 2 inches and the side by 1. They are all finished except for hemming. I'm going to wait until I've got the serger set up for coverstitch. I'm pretty happy with them. I love palazzo pants. I don't care if they are in or out of style. They look nice and are comfortable for work.

Kwik Sew 2743 OOP
I serged the sides of the skirt panels with a 3-thread narrow overlock stitch. Usually, I forget to do this before hand on a seam that has a vent at the bottom. It's a lot easier to do before sewing the seam. I think I'll finish the waist, too, before assembling.

Well, it's been a whole 5 days since I bought fabric. Sawyer Brook's Spring Swatch Set II came in the mail las night. They are offering several fabrics that I really like. It's not like I need anymore fabric, and I'm pretty much out of space to store it. I guess I'll find out if I have more strength to resist than a wet noodle.


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