Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tuesday is ED day.

This is Sonia (with one bloom from Judy Garland). This rose was a gift from our real estate agent. When I researched Sonia, I was dismayed to learn that she is a hot house rose. I planted her in the backyard anyway. It turns out that Livermore is the perfect environment for a hot house rose. Sonia does very well.

I went to group this morning. I had met with one of the other clients last Friday, and afterwards, I wondered if it was a good idea or not. That's not quite right; I wondered if the therapists would recommend it or recommend against it. Well, not only did they recommend against it, but they STRONGLY recommended against it. They are concerned about cliques forming, about one client becoming a psuedotherapist for the other client, and about a falling out between the clients that might cause one or both clients to stop coming to therapy. So ... I don't know what to do about this. I mean, how to broach the topic with the other client, since we would both like to continue the relationship. I don't want her to have hurt feelings. I will mull it over for a while before doing anything.

This is New Year. NY is a grandiflora, with great disease resistance, and it isn't bothered by the hot sun.

DH is in Ohio, so I'm a single parent. So no swimming today. I swam yesterday, 2000 m in about 55 minutes. I did a couple of 50 m sprints at about 55 seconds. That's definite progress. I think I've shaved 5 seconds off. My parents are coming over for dinner tonight, so Chungita will get to go to swim class. I think we'll go to Applebees afterwards.

Hey, it's not a rose!


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