Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Well, I just ordered 4 cuts from EOS. I ordered enough to make t-shirts only. I used to order enough to make a skirt and t-shirt, but since I haven't made either, I figured I'd only get enough to make a t-shirt. Is that great logic or what?

I got diagnosed with depression this week. I've suspected it for a while, and one of the things that I do when depressed is buy fabric (self diagnosis). If I'd kept a record of fabric purchases, I could probably, quite quantitatively, chart the progress of the disease. So lately, I've really tried to resist.

I'm weak. I bought all those white knits at Joann's and now EOS. I have resisted buying from Sawyer Brook. One of their fall colorways exactly matches my SWAP colors. I decided that even tho I'm never going to finish SWAP that I would use the colors. Anyway, I didn't order any of it. I'm still thinking about it. I decided if I could remember what the little swatches looked like over time, then I really did want the fabric. It was more than an impulse buy/depression fix. So I may order from them, too.

I might even make some t-shirts.

Based on the stuff that I liked from Cold Water Creek, I decided I needed a certain type of jacket pattern. So I went to browse the stuff at Kwik Sew. I really like their patterns, and I get a good deal from the KwikSewCo-op. I decided I needed the following patterns: 2948 Twin Set 1, 2759 Twin Set 2, 3049 Bias Dress, 3023 Cap Sleeve Dress, 2809 Jacket, 3077 Jacket, 3129 Jacket, 2801 Jacket, and 2717 Duster. I don't know that I'll get any of them. I have similar patterns except for the twin sets. Marcy Tilton wrote an article for Threads a while back on how to convert a t-shirt pattern to a twin set. I think it's in her book, Easy Guide to Sewing Tops & T-shirts, too. So right now, I'm holding off.

Yuki and I went swimming today. I did fine, until I decided to try the flippers for kicking. That was a big mistake. I sprained my left knee a couple of weeks ago (slipping on a bolt of fabric). It was just too much force on the knee with the flippers, and even after I took them off, I was still in pain. Yuki wanted to swim for another half hour, so I got out and went to Joann's which is just down the block from the pool. We'll see how I feel on Friday, but I might go back and buy some stuff.


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