Tuesday, September 07, 2004

DH's Sweatshirt

We actually had a chance to check the sleeve length. The sweatshirt has been hanging in my sewing area for several months. I hemmed one of the sleeves, and it was too long. That really surprised me because DH often complains that the sleeves in RTW are too short unless he buys a tall. I cut off 4 inches. I hope it's not too short now because there's no going back.

I took Goosey to Joann's with me on Monday. She wanted to go then whined and complained the whole trip. I reminded myself that experiencing this sort of situation is the reason I had children. During one of the many times I helped her in or out of the shopping cart, I knocked over one of my bolts of fabric then managed to slip on it while I was lifting her down. At the time, I was concerned that I not drop her or fall on her. She didn't get hurt at all. I twisted my knee. It really hurt by bedtime yesterday, and today, I can barely walk. I did get some nice 100% cotton knits for $2/yard.


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