Friday, September 03, 2004

Pay Attention

So my latest cheongsam is done except for the bottom. I really like the doubled sleeve, no hemming! I decided to eliminate the zipper. I was able to get it on and off easily enough with the back seam open 4 inches from the neck. 2 snaps, BAM BAM, and the closure is done. Except that I put the facing snap in backwards and had to pry it out with a screwdriver. I was lucky that it didn't seem to damage the fabric. One instance of not paying attention remedied.

I'm sewing the vents in, zipping along. Wham bam, they are done. I rip out the basting, and am pretty pleased with the little triangles that I sewed at the top of the vents. But wait, this side doesn't have a vent. What? I know I sewed 2 vents. Well, I sewed one side vent and one center back vent. I'm going to keep the center back vent.

I substituted bias binding for the neck facing. Instead of understitching it, I topstitched. I think I'm going to rip that out and understitch. The topstitching doesn't look good.


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