Thursday, October 14, 2004

Snoop Shoping

I really like a lot of the clothes at Lee Anderson. The outfit to the right appeals to me, but I don't think I could pull off all the frills in one wearing, and white doesn't thrill me. But the lines of the garments look really good for my figure. The scoop neck on the t-shirt would flatter my rather large bosom, but I think I would leave off the wide collar on the jacket. A v-neck would be better for me, and the fussy flounce on the skirt has to go.

The outfit on the left is interesting, too. I like the overlays, and I like the accent fabric at the waist on the jacket. Again, the big collar would have to go.
The line drawings don't indicate any shaping in the t-shirts, so it must be an aspect of the fabric. I need a dart, and it helps if the top comes in under the breasts. I like the deep v-neck and the scoop neck. The lettuce hems are pretty, but the long sleeve version is too fussy for me. And I don't care for the accent fabric around the hips in the short sleeve t-shirt.

The skirt farthest to the left is straight, but because of the crinkle fabric, it looks pegged with a flounce, sorta an understated trumpet style. That's a very good look for pretty much everyone. It will give womanly curves to most shapes. The off center slit on the cream colored skirt is attractive, but I don't care for the butterfly or patch. I love the buttons on the faux wrap. That gives me ideas. Finally, I wonder if the little ruffle on the skirt farthest to the right would be too much on me. I have long legs, so I'm not worried that it will make me look chopped up.

And a jacket; I think what I like most is the combination of fabrics. I doubt the shape would flatter me. I need jackets to come in under the breasts or I look stones heavier. Who needs that? I like the way the collar doesn't extend all the way to the bottom of the jacket, but I wonder if that would just emphasize my tubby tummy?


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