Saturday, November 13, 2004

Friday Stuff

I have got to stay out of Joann's. I didn't have any orange thread for my t-shirt, and Simplicity patterns were on sale 5 for $5. Well, I have all the latest Simplicity patterns that I want, and I did get the orange thread. They had a really cool polyester brocade in purple paisley that I just couldn't resist, a neat knit in purples, pinks, and navy for $1.50/yd, and a white embroidered stretch twill.

I bought some navy Rit dye for the twill and a white gauze that I already had. After the other 5 loads of laundry that fill my Fridays with joy and anticipation (NOT), I dyed the white fabrics. They came out more of a dark cadet blue than navy. That's okay; it still works with my SWAP color scheme. I suppose I got what I deserved for using Rit.

I serged up DH's latest sweatshirt. Everything is done except for the coverstitch. I decided to try it on him before hemming, and he wants me to keep the sleeves and hem at the length they are now. I'm going to finish the edges with some wooly nylon. The fit of the medium is much better than that of the large, so those of you who are using Kwik Sew for men, take note. The sweatshirt was very oversized. DH's chest is 41.5 inches, and the large is for a 42 inch chest.

I worked a little on Pulgito's jogging suit jacket. The piping in front came out very well. I decided to piece the sleeve instead of appliquing the stripes. That was a mistake. We're just going to live with it. I'm not buying more fleece since this was made with scraps from DH's sweatshirt.


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