Thursday, April 14, 2005

Woodland Hyacinths

I planted these bulbs when we still had a 40 foot cedar of Lebanon in our front yard. I should say when our front yard was a 40 foot deodur cedar. The tree was beautiful, but it was impossible to grow anything underneath without major effort. In a year, the dropped a layer 2 inches/5 cm thick of needles and other detris. I spent hours and hours just picking up the needles. One day, when I was about 5 months pregnant and it was 100F out, I'd had it with that tree. It took me 30 minutes to clean up a section that was 3ftx6ft (1m x 2m). I went in the house and told DH that we could cut down the tree. DH was overjoyed; he'd wanted that tree gone for a long time.

Anyway, these bulbs survived the trauma of the tree removal and the change from a deeply shaded habitat to full sun.

I decided to work on Neue Mode M23061 pictured left. I traced it when I was ten pounds heavier and nursing regularly, so I'm a size smaller now. I pin fit the pattern pieces last night, and they seem okay. It's always tough to tell with a pattern for knits. I use patternease, which has absolutely now give, and then I make it out of different knits with differing amounts of stretch. Like Hellen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing."

My weight hasn't changed since last week. The therapists tell me that this will stop being important to me. It's so hard to believe because my weight has been a consuming issue in my life for 30 years.

I swam again today. It was hard. My arms are tired from yesterday. I only swam 22 mintues.


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