Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Don't Have Kids!

This is an unknown rose. It was in the garden when we moved in. I'm constantly debating (with myself) whether or not to remove it, but the blooms are lovely. I hate to remove anything with lovely blooms.

I didn't get the kids to sleep until 10:30 last night. That's 2 hours past their bedtimes, so this morning, I decided to let them sleep in. The only problem with that is that I didn't get to work until almost 10 am. I blame the kids. No not really, but I couldn't possibly be at fault here. I know; I'll blame Applebee's. It took friggin' forever to get our food last night. The waitress said it was because our order was behind a big takeout order, but things arrived cool than hot, so I know they were sitting there waiting for her. To top that off, my dinner was terrible. I tried the orange-chicken-rice bowl thing, and it was soggy, salty, and just awful.

The kids did behave well, except for the jumping in the air and bouncing on the booth seats so that the entire row of booths shook ... and there was the drawing on the window with crayon (note: Applebee's gave us the crayons) ... and I'm not sure the wood blinds still work, but other than that, they were great. No one screamed ... much, that is. And they ate their dinners!

This is why I had kids. There is nothing like going out to dinner with 2 small, tired children.

Somethings are just so much better in real life. I mean, that lasange doesn't look like much, but it was wonderful. My husband likes to fish in the ocean, and he likes to cook up what he catches. It was dungeness crab, and with a lot of cheese and some noodles, it was the best thing in the world. Georgene was lucky enough to get some, so you can ask her how good it was.


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