Tuesday, April 20, 2004

After searching through my Ottobre and Burda Kids magazines for the absolute best knit garment to make with the green knit scraps, I traced a pair of pull on pants. Ottombre made them from velour. I couldn't tell if it was stretch velour or not. Alas, I was short fabric by about an inch.

I didn't find anything else in the magazines that I thought I could make with the fabric scraps, so I pulled out my stock of kid's patterns. I'm going to give Burda 4978 OOP a try. These are a pair of baby pants with a front and back yoke and rolled cuffs. It's a Canadian Burda pattern. The dimensions are in both cm and inches, but there's a note in the instructions that all sewing terms are American. I'm going to have to ask the Canadian sewiers if they have a different sewing vocabulary.

Well, I gave into temptation and bought more fabric. I have this thing about orange and pink in one fabric. My mother used to make negative comments about women who wore orange and fuschia together, and ...somehow ... I love orange and fuschia or orange and pink together. And I like this one, too.


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