Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wadder, wadder, wadder

I decided to toss out the 2 tops from Simplcity 5633. Goosey wasn't going to wear them, so the effort to hem them and put in that last sleeve would have been wasted. I'm still going to finish the skirt. I debating whether or not to toss this pattern after that. I bought this pattern for the skirt. I like the pointed yoke, but Goosey Girl is awfully cute in the skirt from Simplicity 5689.

I worked on the fitting issues for Simplicity 5098 I pin fit the three views: AB, C, and DE. I'm concerned that the raglan style top, view C, is too small. It's so tough to tell. I use patternease which has zero stretch and is very stiff. The pattern has no darts to start, and so it doesn't conform to my body at all. I tried to compare it to my pattern pieces for Kwik SEW 2565, but I couldn't figure out how to overlay the raglan style on the regular armhole style.

I did the Full Bust Alteration for views D & E, adding 3 inches on each side and 2 in the length, plus a big ol' dart. I'll be comparing it to Burda 8665.


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