Monday, August 30, 2004

A/C is back

Our air conditioner is back on line ... sorta. We have to flip the breaker to turn off the fan. The thermostat isn't working right, but at least we can turn off the compressor at the thermostat. We have to go outside to turn off the fan. It's been over 100F/38C, cooling to the upper 80s/lower 30s at night. So the A/C really helps sleeping.

My serger is back from the shop again. I really missed it. Having it and having the A/C back (so I could use the iron and my sewing lights) made me want to sew again. I worked on Kwik Sew 2565 with a french dart. I sewed the darts on my third attemp at Simplicity 5098. (This time for sure!) I edge finished Kwik Sew 2743.

It is now possible to use the serger with Boobla in the room. He no longer tries to pull the cut off bit of fabric out from under the knife. He likes to grab the wheel while it's going around, and he pulled the right most cone of thread off it's stand, but he put it back as soon as he realized I was watching. It was cute because he knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that. The guilt ridden look on his face was priceless.

Goosey sorted my pins in my pin cushion. They are now sorted by size, pin head type (none, ball, flower), and color. I think I will get out her button collection and work with her on sorting those. She hasn't been ready to do that until now (4 years 8 months).


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