Thursday, September 16, 2004


My catalog came today, sorta. I got an official notice from the post office that I had registered mail which can't be delivered without a signature. They say on the form that the item will be at the post office after 9:30 am. So at 9:30 am, I try to pick up my mail. No luck, the trucks not there yet. I go get a latte. 9:50 am, the truck still hasn't arrived from where ever it is that they lock up registered mail at night. I can't wait any longer. :(

I go to work, find out that my rather nice manager is being transferred, and that we are getting a maniacal workaholic in his place. (heavy sarcasm) Oh, joy. (/heavy sarcasm)

I get to escape early and go to my embroidery class. We learn how to do mirroring and lettering, so that picks me up. I head back home, stopping at the post office, and finally, I am able to enjoy my catalog.


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