Saturday, October 16, 2004

Day Off

Friday was my day off. I get one every other week. DH went fishing, and the kiddos went to daycare. Unfortunately, I still need time to do chores, but I did get some sewing in, between loads of laundry, a @#$%ing computer that isn't working again!, and a bread machine disaster.

I finished Burda 8665. My computer is down, so I can't show you the pictures I took. The 2-pass buttonholes came out well, and I used my new button sew on presser foot, and I highly recommend this. It was so quick, and it automatically added the shank. On my Bernina 180, the button sew on stitch sorta ties a knot, so I don't even have to worry about that.

I serged the side & back seams on KS 2565 and New Look 6959. Both are ready for coverstitching.

My bread didn't rise in the breadmachine, so it didn't cook. I ended up with 2 hard rocks with raw dough in the middle. How could I mess up a turn-key system? I pushed the button. I'm going to try again today.


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