Monday, October 04, 2004

Monkey Costume ... Still

I finished the head piece. The ear instructions are stupid. They get sewn in at a dart, so why aren't they sewn in when sewing the dart? The instructions tell you to sew them on after the head is finished. I wish I had greater forethought when going thru the instructions on a pattern, but I don't. I'm starting on the hat. I'm going to timtex as the interfacing. I think I'm going to fuse (Bonding Agenet 007) it to the hat fabric (cotton chamois from Joann's), and I might add a cross-hatch pattern to keep it secured. I decided to baste the stitching lines in on the hat pieces so that I could get the interfacing the exact right size. I don't want to try to trim it out of the seams after the hat is sewn.

I think I've successfully decaffinated. I wish I had the same attitude approach to food that I do to drugs, like caffiene and alcohol. I really like both of them, but I really don't like what happens when I over-indulge. So I don't over-indulge. I am absolutely not able to do this with food. My therapist said that that's why I'm not an alcoholic, and that's one of the reasons we know that I have an eating disorder. Well, yes, but why? Why is the one so impossible and the other so easy? It's so frustrating. Hopefully, the time will fly by until I can see the psychiatrist and get my meds for the depression. Therapist says the depression contributes to the eating disorder, and that is probably why I'm so out of control right now.


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