Thursday, September 23, 2004

Artista Embroidery Software

So I'm trying to do my homework from my embroidery class, and I can't get the "Any Shape Baseline" to work for me. In the end, this was a good thing because I learned that you can choose the reshape tool after you've got your lettering up on the screen. I think that's a much better way to do curvy lettering because you get to define the curve based on the words instead of trying to guess where the curve should be. The road less traveled? Or is it a case of not fully reading the instructions?

Then I try to do multiple lines. Does it work? No. Did I read the instructions? I thought so. Unlike the "Any Shape Baseline", this doesn't work well with the reshape tool. Frustrated, I resort to random clicking. Left click here, right click there, and so on until Viola! I get the "Lettering Object Properties" box to open without clicking on lettering. So let me tell you, there's a big difference between a left click and a right click. And, in this case, the right click was the way to go.

It sounds more frustrating and confusing to read about than it was to do. It didn't take me very long to do.


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