Monday, March 28, 2005

Yellow Rose of Livermore

This is a very old rose that came with our house. It wasn't in very good condition when we bought the house. The people who lived there just didn't know how to take care of roses. It needed severe, yet thoughtful, pruning. So I whacked it back. And it rewarded me by blooming profusely. We wanted to do an addition to our house right where that rose was, so the rose had to be moved. We decided to do the addition in the summer, and that meant that we had to move the rose in August. It's hot here in August, like 100F/40C. You're not supposed to transplant a rose when it's hot. Well, the rose survived. I had some problems with die-back last year, some 7 years post transplant, but after the thoughtful pruning, it seems to be doing well. This picture was taken on March 17th. Most of my roses aren't blooming, yet, but this one never lets me down.

On the sewing front, I made quite a bit of progress on Chungita's jeans. I briefly considered trying to fit them to her, but since they have beltloops, I decided to just make them as is. They will probably be way baggy, like all her pants.


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