Monday, April 04, 2005

Chungita's Jeans

I finished Chungita's jeans. They came out pretty well. It turns out that I didn't stretch the fabric when doing the topstitching of the crotch seam. I did something when I topstitched the fly. I decided to unpick the topstitching just below the fly. I checked various pairs of jeans we have. Some were topstitched all the way to the fly, and some were only stitched on the back pieces.

I pulled out DH's windpro sweatshirt. He doesn't think that I'm ever going to get it done. I managed to get the shoulders sewn, the neckband on, and 1 sleeve in. I was not careful when I put the neckband in and didn't quite catch it all in the stitching. Of course, the bit that wasn't caught was on the right side smack dab in the middle of the front. It took me a while to pick it out. The Elna 744 serger doesn't handle the windpro very well. I've got skipped stitches, which never happens.


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