Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spanish Lavendar

That's the Spanish lavendar from my front yard. It's just starting to bloom. Is it really Spanish? I have no idea.

Stupid windpro broke a needle in my serger while doing coverstitch. Everything was going great, then bammo! broken needle. I was mad, so I just left everything where it was.

I went to OA last night. The new people from last week didn't show. OA is a really hard thing to do. I've been going for over a year, and I've only managed to take Step 1. It took me a very long time to find my higher power, and I'm still defining HP. I did really well yesterday, well, except for the 2 bites of my son's oatmeal that I took before putting it in the sink and running water over it. So, one small binge. I did not stop at Starbuck's on the way home from ED group to get a maple oat scone, altho it's just about all I thought about on the 45 minute drive home. I ate my planned food at work, and when I got home with Pulgito, we had peanut butter and jelly on my homebaked whole wheat bread and strawberries. I was very pleased that I didn't have a binge while I was home alone with him.

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