Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Practicle Joke

Chungita helped me out with the practical joke.

Someone started this business with the toilets in the front yard. I don't recall who did it to whom first, but Saundra recently retaliated against MC by carpeting her front yard with the carpet ripped out of Saundra's house. The next day, I put an old, plastic birdbath in MC's front yard. MC was sure that Saundra had done both. I finally told MC that I had done it because she was so pissed at Saundra. MC forgave me.

My father had this old toilet in the garage that he was supposed to get rid of before he took Mom to New Mexico for a vacation. On the way home from Los Abuealos, DH suggested that I put the toilet in Saundra's yard, but since Los Abuealos were going to New Mexico the next day, I figured the toilet was gone.

While they were gone, I told MC about the toilet, and she said that I needed to put it in Saundra's yard; MC's still pissed at Saundra. So I called them when they got back, and Dad still had the toilet. Technically, it was out of the garage; he'd loaded it into his pickup. So I went out with the kiddos, had a nice day with Dad, and came home with 2 exhausted kids and a toilet.

The next day, I asked Chungita if she wanted to help me put it in Saundra's yard, so we went to the local craft store and bought some silk geraniums. I really wanted cheap looking, plastic geraniums in florescent colors, but I don't know where to buy something like that. My father had given me tennis balls to cushion the toilet on the drive home, so I used those in the toilet bowl to arrange the flowers. I figured the tennis balls would throw Saundra off trace; I don't play.

Saundra doesn't have a clue. First she accused MC, and now she thinks it was Dennis. I don't think I've crossed her mind as a suspect.

I went swimming yesterday for 54 minutes and today for 64 minutes.


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