Thursday, May 12, 2005


I love gerbera daisies. The colors are so vibrant.

I am cursed! Cursed! I tell you!

@#$%ing t-shirts!

Lately, it seems like nothing I sew comes out right. I tossed the neue mode dress, the bust on the jean jacket is too big and too low. And now the t-shirts! I thought I could improve the french darts. Did I listen to Georgene who told me they were fine? NOOOOO! So now the darts end between my breasts, and what's worse, because I'm a member of the Big Ol' Dart Club, they are very, very obvious, like a little pocket below my boobs. ARGHHH!!!! I'm going to redraft the front tonight or tomorrow. I have enough fabric to cut more fronts.


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