Monday, July 12, 2004

Stuffing and Sewing

I restuffed Buttina, this time starting at the top. This worked out much better. I had overstuffed her, and I decided to leave her squishy this time, like me. She's really inspired me to get serious about losing weight, too.

I finished the skirt from Simplicity 5633. It came out okay, but it wasn't sufficiently good for me to keep the pattern. Since I'd rated it as "would NOT recommend", I decided to toss it.

I also finished the raglan top from Burda World of Fashion. I'd post a link to the pattern page, but Burda switched to a new server. The old links don't work anymore. They used to use a system that used dates, so that a knowledgeable user could dig out information on old magazine patterns. What's worse is that the lastest WOF webpage doesn't have the technical drawings.

And I sewed the front darts on Simplicity 5098.


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