Tuesday, October 05, 2004

What to sew next?

Decisions, decisions.

Ignoring for the moment the items that I have listed to the right as in-process ... hm, or maybe I shouldn't ignore that list. It seems that I have several unfinished tops, a pair of chafe guards (aka bike short style underwear) that I probably won't need until next summer, and the @#$%ing monkey costume, but no bottoms or jackets. I need more pants. I don't like the fit of my RTW jeans. I made a pair of palazzo pants, which I like, but I decided were too dressy for work. I have a burda plus magazine pair of pull on pants pattern that fits and is ready to go.

I have enough skirts for the moment. I made a bunch of that KS pattern that I like, um Kwik Sew 2743, so I'm set for skirts for work. I'd say I needed shorts, but summer is over, so I don't need them for a while.

It's chilly in the mornings, and my office is freezing, so I need jackets. There are a bunch of jacket patterns that I want to do. I'd like to make jean's style jackets in different fabrics. I wonder tho if this style is too boxy or if I can alter it to fit me better. They may not use them as such, but it has darts. I was thinking of using the front panel to hide the FBA dart that I'll be adding, so why not use it to bring the jacket in a bit on the waist? I'll have to see what it looks like on Buttina.

So jackets and pants. Let's see how long this sewing plan lasts.


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