Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Snuck in a little sewing

I went home early yesterday to make some glazed peacans for Thanksgiving. The recipe said it only took 15 minutes to make them. NOT! Maybe if the cook were someone who had a clue about cooking. I think I used a pan that was too big. The sugar never melted; either nothing happened or it burned. I finally dumped the peacans in the gloopy mess and stirred it up. They look like crap, but they are very, very tasty. So as far as I'm concerned, it's a winner. Taste is what it's all about.

Because the nuts took so long, I only had about 10 minutes to sew before making dinner. Actually, I sewed while I boiled water. The inner legs are attached to Kwik Sew 2529 and topstitched/coverstitched. After everyone went to bed, I rethreaded the serger to overlock and pinned one side to the crotchpiece. I can't run the serger at night; it wakes up DH. I also pinned in one of the french darts on Kwik Sew 2565. Maybe I will finish my t-shirt by the end of November.

Activity: 1/2 day of Work, 1/2 day of Thanksgiving prep
Style; Natural Type: Casual Basics
Clothing: Camel colored flat front trousers/jeans?, purple mock neck long sleeved t-shirt, nomad coat.
Notes: I made the nomad coat, but the pants and top are RTW. Both remind me why I sew. The pants are too short in the leg, and the waist is around my ribs. The top is longer than I prefer; I could alter that, but it's also too long between the shoulder and bust. I get clumps of fabric at my neckline, so I'm always pulling it down. The turtleneck is not the best look for me. I'm full busted, and it's more flattering if I break up the expanse of bust, upper chest, and neck. I suppose I could alter the neckline. I bought both of these items before I got into sewing, and since I'm not made of money and I still wear them, I'm going to keep them in my closet until I've got enough viable replacements.

I'm really disappointed in the style class. Heather is not providing adequate leadership, IMO. She reponds to posts, but she doesn't lead any discussions. Sure, we can read the assignments, but without a teacher present (ie Heather leading the discussions), we aren't getting anything out of the class other than the assignments. Plus, there hasn't been anything new, for me, in the assignments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took an online class from Heather last year and was overwhelmingly NOT impressed. I think she's found a way to make $ off we gullible sewers. I won't go that way again. Peg

12/07/2004 11:07:00 AM  

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