Wednesday, February 23, 2005

When The Cat's Away ...

Other than just about killing myself from the exertion, I had a very nice day and evening yesterday. I rode my bike to work, getting so hot and sweaty that my hair was dripping. Oh, well. Work was ... well ... work, unexciting, except for the extreme frustration when stupid microsoft excel wouldn't do a workbook search. I still don't know what's wrong, but if I launch excel by clicking on the file, I can do the search.

I rode my bike home, collapsed in front of the TV, and sucked down a lot of water. I managed to stagger to the kitchen to get some dinner, spinach salad and crab lasagne (YUM!). I ate my dinner without being touched by little hands and was able to watch a TV show with no interruptions.

Sabrina came by to take me to OA, and we had a good meeting. A new person showed up. I'd really like to get more people interested in the meeting. We only have 3 core members, 2 semi-regulars, and 1 commited newcomer. If the new person is able to make the commitment, that would bring us up to 7. We haven't had 7 members in a long, long time.

After the meeing, I watched another of those terribly violent crime dramas. I love Tivo. I took a bath without worrying that a small child might wake up and need me. And I sewed.

I decided to use the automatic buttonholes in the 180E. It's so much easier, especially with the automatic buttonhole sizing program. And it has the pointy end buttonhole. The fronts are together. I still need to do some topstitching and the facing stuff, but it's starting to look like a jacket. I'm still concerned that I did the FBA too big and too low.


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