Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday is ED Therapy Day

Today, I had an appointment with the ED counselor. That was painful. She managed to dredge up a bunch of painful memories from my formative years that played into the eating disorder. After that was the eating disorder group. That wasn't so bad. I'm trying to change my thinking from a "rigid" standpoint to a "structured" standpoint. I am finally convinced to give up the cow's milk, so I'm going totally soy. And I managed to not eat a cresent roll with my dinner. I was hungry afterwards, but I was able to eat an apple before going to bed. I'm really close to not eating refined wheat, refined sugar, and milk. I ended the day with my OA meeting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Neefer,
After Christmas I decided to give up all sugar, wheat and alcohol for the month - to help me get off Christmas eating. After a couple of weeks I felt so good that I also went off dairy and salt. An interesting thing happened - I quit having cravings and I could go all day without coffee (though I still had my 2 morning cups). I hope this helps.

3/02/2005 08:17:00 PM  

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