Monday, July 26, 2004

Cheongsam: 3rd Times the Charm

Since I have a minute to post ...

I altered Simplicity 5098, yet again, but this time I fit the pattern pieces on Buttina. I decided to use up a different fabric, so I switched to a "natural" colored rayon with big black symbols printed on it. It's all cut and ready to go. I used another 2 yards of the fabric on my favorite skirt pattern, Kwis Sew 2743, and I still had 1 and 2/3 yards left.

What to do? I promised myself that I wouldn't put any scraps back in the stash and avoid putting anything back in the stash. That is, if I pull a fabric, I have to use all of it. Well, unless there's substantial yardage, like the aubergine and orange where I had over 7 yards left; that I can put back.

But what should I make? It's 100F/40C in the shade. Do I plan ahead? No. So I need tank tops. Could I find a tank top pattern for wovens in my pattern stash? Well ... sorta. I've been collecting cheongsam patterns for a while. I don't know that this is really a cheongsam or if it's a shell with a mandarin collar or if it matters. Is Kwik Sew 3222 a cheongsam or not?


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