Monday, August 23, 2004

Too busy to blog

My younger brother, the one going to New Zealand, has been in town. Last Wednesday, we took Goosey to Chinatown. She had so much fun looking in the shops. She doesn't like dim sum, other than her orange soda, tho, so that part was tough. Having some forethought, I did bring things for her to eat, and we got some frozen yogurt on the way home.

So how does that relate to sewing? I'm always intrigued by the fabrics that I see in Chinatown, so I browse them. The thing is that they are expensive ($25/yard), and the fiber content isn't noted. So I never buy anything. I wish Silk Road Fabrics, Oakland, or Thai Fabrics were closer to me.

On Thursday, I had my Artista software class. We repeated the class from last time, which was kinda a bummer. But since I'd forgotten it all in the past 2 months, it was okay. They are going to change the class to every month, and that's going to be much better for me. I might actually retain some of the stuff I learn. I dropped of my serger to get the presser foot lifter fixed. So no sewing, but when it comes back, I might actually finish some projects that are done except for hemming/coverstitch.

Friday was my day off from work. I had big plans until Baloney Boy came home with a fever of 102F/39C. That put an end to getting chores and sewing done. The weekend was typically busy with the kids. We had a going away party for my younger brother and his wife. I found out that he's coming to visit in December. I keep promising myself that I'm going to send him an e-mail everyday, but I haven't started yet. I'm so sad that he's going. I wish we could move there, too.

I did sew the darts on my french dart t-shirt. They do add shaping over the breasts. They were a huge pain to sew in the slinky. I didn't have troubles with the french dart in the cotton lycra knit, so I think it's the fabric.

So today, I stayed home from work. I was supposed to fold laundry. I haven't caught up with the laundry from our trip to New Hampshire. It's starting to take over the family room. Have I folded any laundry? Of course not.

I did do some of the homework from my Artista class. I autodigitized and stitched out a lily. Hm. Maybe I'll scan it in. I also did the magicwand digitizing with some editing of jump stitches and stitch orientation.


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