Tuesday, July 27, 2004

No A/C

It's been hot, 100F/38C, and our air conditioner broke just before the heat arrived. Today is a cool 90F/33C. I have been doing a bit of sewing, but I haven't turned on the iron. It generates too much heat. And I can't sew much because I need my lights, and those generate a lot of heat, too.

I called a local company to come fix the A/C, but they just weren't getting the job done. I think the problem is that we have a Bryant system, and they are primarily Carrier. So Hubby called the company that installed the unit. They charge us extra because they aren't local, but they diagnosed the problem immediately. At least, I hope they have. The replacement part should be in tomorrow and installed by Thursday morning which is last minute because we're leaving Friday morning.

I really hope it works. I have a 15 year old long hair cat, and I'd really like to seal up the house while we are gone. Well, if it's over 100F outside, a sealed house can get really hot. I don't want to come home to my baby who died from heat stroke.


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