Monday, August 23, 2004

Autodigitized Lily

The fabric is a lightweight cotton. I used Sulky Totally Stable which I don't like and won't be buying again. The green/leaves and the blue/petals are Superior embroidery thread. The navy/underpetal is Coats & Clark polyester embroidery thread. The yellow and black/outline are Isacord.

I think it looks crappy because of the autodigitizing. However, I have not had great results with the Totally Stable.

I used the AmazingMiniBox (AMB) to transfer the design from the computer to a card. They don't tell you on the box that the AMB can write .ART format, but it cannot read .ART format from the computer. So I saved the design as a .PES and had to have the AMB convert that to .ART. I'm not sure that I would have bought AMB if I had known that ahead of time. As it is, I'm going to have to buy a card and cardwriter from Bernina, and that is going to be big bucks.


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