Monday, August 23, 2004

Lily Magic Wand 1

Here's the first sample digitized using magic wand in the Artista embroidery software. The fabric is a cotton/lycra twill. I used Sulky Totally Stable which is not stiff enough to manage the stretch in the fabric. The green and varigated threads are Superior embroidery thread. The pink is Coats & Clark rayon embroidery thread, and the black and yellow are Isacord.

The navy fabric makes it tough to see the details in the image, but this is a better embroidery than the first one. I reoriented almost all of the fills. The one petal that looks different is 90 degrees off; I'm not sure what happened. I like the way the varigated thread came out in that petal better than the others. Overall, I don't care for the varigated thread in this sample.

I also learned that you have to specify jump stitches. See the line in the lower righthand leaf?


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